Friday, June 24, 2016

Where did my son learn that from.

Sometimes it's intriguing to  see what sponges toddlers are.  You really have to be careful because anything you say could be repeated...

My son loves the Berenstain Bears.  I did too when I was little.  Fortunately, my mom saved most of our large collection from when we were younger.  He also likes watching it on TV and while everyone is getting ready in the morning, we have let him watch, or if he's home sick he can watch a little bit of TV too.

My son started telling my husband that his left arm hurt.  This was while he was using his left arm to bang on something.  My husband looked perplexed and was asking him if it was his right arm.  My son continued to say it was his left.  Then I gave a little laugh and realized he was re-enacting a scene from Berenstain Bears where Brother Bear was faking his left arm was hurt to get out of doing something.

Overall the show is a pretty clean show.  There are no words like "stupid" or really other words that I don't want my son to learn and there is always an overall moral to the story and the "Bears" are good with their please and thank you's and friendship.  I overall find the series more desirable than Thomas The Train and a lot of other things on TV.  He still watches Curious George (his first love) occasionally and has also started to like Shaun The Sheep (I need to preview those shows first, but the soccer episode is pretty funny and very clean.  There is very little dialogue).

The other day, my son came over to me, hugged me and said, "Mommy,  there's something I want you to know.  You're my hero."  I wanted to melt, it was so sweet!  Then my husband pointed out Sister Bear said that to Brother Bear during the Birthday episode.  Thanks for ruining the moment sweetie.  At least he seemed to know it was a way of sharing affection.

I knew this was the stage where kids start having imaginary friends, so when Milton the invisible friend showed up, I was not surprised.  Everyone who heard his imaginary friends name was Milton thought it was awesome that my son came up with such an original name for a friend.  I didn't share that this came from a Berenstain Bears obsession.  I'm sure my son will get attached to many shows and things in his life, but an obsession with Berenstain Bears is fine with me.  It's a classic book series, shares some good moral values and definitely has some cute phrases.  I can live with that.

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