Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Behavior Issues

One thing I've learned from being a parent and being a veterinarian is the Winter Time Blues.  Whether it's an obnoxious dog or an obnoxious toddler, if you find yourself with an annoying, rambunctious mammal, it's probably because they haven't been getting enough exercise or time outdoors.  This is the time of year when dogs come in (and some cats that are used to being outdoors) with cabin fever.  They've had so much pent up energy they haven't been able to release that they release it on you- by jumping, knocking you over, or just shaking their bodies uncontrollably.  My three year old takes it to a different level and has been known to slide along the hardwood floor in his socks and throw baseballs violently.  I will tell owners- you need to give your dog more exercise, as they talk about how annoying their dog is.

One of the first things I've taught my husband about dog ownership is if the dog is being annoying, it's most often not the dogs fault, it's your fault for not giving it enough exercise.  This could apply to kids too.  A couple of days ago, we had a beautiful day and I took my son to the park.  He then decided he wanted to go to another park and he practically ran the whole way there.  At Mass the other day, he used me for a jungle gym for half of Mass and the older women behind us remarked that they would like half the amount of energy that he had.  Yes- I think we are getting to that time of year where I need to watch my patience.  It's that time of year when it seems like my son is driving me nuts and I take him out- either to Chick Fil A or McDonalds or pretty much anywhere that has an indoor playground (or maybe the trampoline park again?)  Unfortunately they don't have those indoor playgrounds for dogs- so maybe my dog needs a trip to doggie daycare.  Anywhere would be helpful, to get out that wintertime blues and to have fun, instead of being annoyed with Cabin Fever.

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