Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You know your toddler is getting older when...

1) He "fakes" being healthy in an effort to try to still pursue the fun activity he wants to do with his friend tomorrow.

2) He wants to wear underwear and you want him to wear diapers (said because I don't want to wake up to something wet in my bed when he joins us at 5 am).

3) He's actually getting more mature than your dog and cat.  You probably don't need all the safety apparatus in your house to protect him, but you keep it because you still don't want the cat getting into the trash.

4) You find yourself having the oddest, but most engaging conversations with him.

5) He says he wants to be a politician when he grows up and mommy "wants to be a singer when she grows up".  This is not said as an endorsement of my singing ability, but more out of the annoyance he gets when I sing- welcome to the next 14 years...

6) When he wakes up after his nap and daddy gives him a big hug, he turns to him and says matter of factly, "I know you like me, Daddy, but you need to be quiet."

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