Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Toddler Bootcamp and Veterinary Weightlifting

So earlier in the month I was at a great mommy and me event at our Town Center.  At the event they had a booth with some people who were doing "mommy stroller exercises" to help mom's get in shape without having to find childcare.  I thought that it sounded like a great idea, but kind of pricey.  I shelved that idea.  A couple days later at work, I saw a couple of 30 and 40 pound bags of dog food and decided to help the staff put it away, all while telling myself I was burning calories and going to get some biceps.  A little later that day, I got some serious biceps action on restraining a cat that wanted to kill multiple people and later on holding up a 100 pound lab that wanted to melt into the floor.  Maybe fancy exercise classes aren't needed.  Maybe I just need to eat a few less cookies during the day...

Well, the cookies during the day occur because that is all I have the time for when I'm on the go with a little guy who won't wait for my hypoglycemia to resolve with a whole grain bagel, or even give me the time to eat a whole grain bagel.

I found myself one day towing my son in a bike trailer (so his roughly 30 # body, but probably closer to 50 # when you include all of his accoutrements).  I rode about 2 miles with him, then we got to a park and he insisted on going up and down the play structure's steep steps at least 4 times and then toddler curls (this is where I haul him away from a dangerous or unsafe area and he wiggles so much I can't hold him upright, I hold him under his abdomen and carry him away like he is a 4-legged creature).  Then there's the wrestling match of trying to get him to wear his bike helmet.  Then we go for another ride, because this park didn't have a basketball hoop, which is what he really wanted.  At this point I got lost and ended up having to go up a steep hill twice.  I almost admitted defeat and just walked the bike up the hill to the park where I was hoping to get some repose.  A vision of sitting on the steps and watching my son play some basketball while I sipped some lukewarm water sounded great.  Oh, say it isn't so.  What did my son really want to do at the basketball court?  He wanted to watch his mommy make hoops.  Needless to say I haven't played basketball since Clinton was in the White House.  Gradually my skills improved, but my legs were weak and wobbly.  The toddler?  He saved up enough energy to try to run into the forest and push the ball under the fence.  Then mommy had to haul everyone back home and play toddler mind games to try to get him to take a nap.  As my legs were about ready to fall off, I thought, "I should really market a day with my toddler as one of those extreme workouts, like extreme warrior competitions or mud dashes.  People pay money to run under barbed wire fence?  Why not just try to keep up with a toddler?

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