Friday, September 25, 2015

A chance to see the Pope

Last night, my son said he wanted to see the "Sisters".  He then went on to say that he wanted to go to the "sica".  I kept asking him what the sica was?  He then went on to say "Big Church".  Oh, Basilica, I thought?  I said, " Ba- sil-i-ca".  He excited kicked and smiled and did his own rendition of Basilica.  I'm sure he remembered his trip as told in the previous adventure.  I told him, "We are going to see the Pope."

We were fortunate enough to get tickets to see the Pope briefly when he came to Washington, D.C..  We woke our son up at 5 am, got him in the car and took him to get in line, go through security and go see the Pope.  We could have gotten up earlier, but I'm glad we did things the way we did.  My son didn't quite know what was going on, with all the security and 50,000 people.

We waited and talked with people around us for several hours.  Right when the Pope started talking to Congress, my son went asleep.  He woke up (we woke him up) and he was a little confused that we were pointing to a white dot way far away who started talking and we were calling him Pope.  It was a beautiful experience for the Pope to bless all the children in the crowd and their families.  What a beautiful and blessed experience, I am grateful!

On a lighter note... After carrying/holding my son for 6 hours (my husband was not with us and my son only wanted mommy) and a couple of miles of walking, my back/neck and whole body was aching.  As we reached my husband's car, I just broke down and set everything down, including my son and my phone.  When my husband met with us, we all piled in the car and wanted to excitedly share our experience.  When we got about two blocks away, I realized I didn't have my cell phone.  I was kind of panicking.  My mom and husband were asking if it was in my purse and I knew where I had left it last... On top of the car's hood...  My husband pulled over, I don't think knowing exactly what was going on and I opened the door and retrieved my phone from the hood of the car- it was still there.  I think the fact that it remained on the hood of the car is a testament of two things:  my husbands good driving skills and possibly a little extra grace from Pope Francis' visit.

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