Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring is maybe arriving?

Well, the clothing sale was a hit and we earned over $450 and acquired a ton of donations for the crisis pregnancy center, so there's a little update from last week.

The weather is getting better and both cats and dogs are in full-blown allergy season (as well as myself).  Everything's blooming and looking wonderful and I'm excited to get my garden started with my friend.  It's kind of funny.  We are both medical professionals and it was humorous to see us using our math and reasoning skill from our medical professions in planning out our garden.  Below is a picture of the garden with some stakes in it.  Hopefully we will get more work done this week.  We've had some beautiful 70 and 80 degree days and it looks like we are going to have a couple of days of freezing weather.  We will have to taper back our excitement until the weather improves a bit.

I also used wisdom from one Saint, which kind of goes along with another Saint's wisdom.  What is this wisdom, you might ask?  The one piece of wisdom, which came from Blessed Mother Teresa is stop worrying about the poverty on the other side of the world.  Worry about what's in your neighborhood/family first.  The other piece of advice is from St. Zelie.  Her advice was meant for a sulking teenager, but who says you can't use it for a 35 year old in a funk?  St. Zelie's advice
I'm not sharing the details, but I was in a funk earlier in the week, and while the circumstances leading to that funk have not changed, or improved and probably won't be resolved for a while, I let myself be utilized to do something good and that has taken my focus off of my problems and reminded me my problems are "first-world" problems.  O
thers have harder and heavier crosses and when I help them carry theirs for a little bit, it's enlightening to know that my own is not that heavy.

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