Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On a brighter note...

On a brighter note from my Easter post yesterday...

We got to take our son to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll today.  I got to go to it over 30 years ago when Reagan was President.  My husband was surprised by this and said, "Who did your parents know?  I didn't know they knew anyone who could get them in."  Well, back in those days, I explained, "I don't think you really had to know someone, we just got in."  We were from Michigan and visiting D.C.  That would never happen these days.  We got a whole packet of what we could and couldn't do and what we could and couldn't bring.  I was a little surprised they didn't let you bring food.  Do they know how whiny toddlers get without food?  And their parents too?

We were blessed to get tickets through my husbands boss, they are hard to come by.  There is a lottery and over 75,000 people apply for 15,000 spots.  We were fortunate.  We didn't get to meet the President, but really that wasn't what we were going for.  There is a certain majesty about the White House and everyone being there for the kids to have fun.  While my son REALLY wanted to play on the president's basketball court, that was only for kids over 10.  He did love playing tennis and getting "coached" by one of their many volunteers.   My husband and I enjoyed listening to Idina Menzel and watching him have so much fun.  We rolled eggs and I'm going to have to find the picture from when I was a kid rolling eggs to put them next to each other (and to find my commemorative wooden egg).

He turned up seeing Curious George (my husband and I were shocked) to play a football game where he said, "I didn't care much for the cones."  We are not sure where he came up with that phrase.  My husband and I enjoyed watching one of the contestants from Top Chef.  He got a picture with Charlie Brown and numerous pictures of the White House, the fountain and all the landmarks.  It was great to see all the kids having a great time and enjoying a great day outside.  Happy Easter!

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