Friday, September 23, 2016

Cute Things My Kid Says...

  • "A drink of chocolate milk will calm my nerves".  We have no idea where he got this from.  According to him it was a Peanuts character.
  • We have been working with him on expressing his emotions instead of hitting or being physical.  Rather than throwing a fit the other day, he said, "Anthony, I'm angry" to his friend
  • He has been intrigued by tarps ever since seeing a baseball game where they put a tarp on the field.  He now has decided, "people need a tarp", "the road needs a tarp," the "bridge needs a tarp".  Basically a tarp protects all things (he was very excited to have a tarp to cover his sand/water table.)
  • After several weeks of rain, my son said, "Daddy, it stopped raining, we can go to P A R K."  Apparently our effort to spell instead of say the word is obvious to both the dog and the toddler.
  • When he had an Oreo last night he said "That's like the Orioles" and now he asks for "A Baltimore Oriole Cookie please."

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