Friday, September 9, 2016

Goal Post Idea- Great for young football lovers!

I've been meaning to share this idea for a while, and what time is better than football season?

My father-in- law last year made a large version goalpost for my son.  He LOVED it!  So much, that for Christmas, my husband made two on a smaller scale.  Simply using  PVC pipe cut into smaller pieces, and the following for each goalpost:

1 2.5 pound circular weight
1 T-joint
2 Elbow joints
1 Collar piece to fit post into weight

We purchased a rug from Amazon that looks like a football field (we found it in the Kids Rugs section) for $40 and voila- football field!  My son loves making touchdowns, field goals and even setting up his Fisher Price people to make a game complete with narration (Maybe he's a budding ESPN reporter?)


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