Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Maybe I need to be careful about Charlile Brown

Currently, my son loves Charlie Brown and the Peanuts characters.  He has loved them for a while.  One of the first decorations in his nursery was personalized to him- a Snoopy flag.  He wasn't able to talk at this time, but whenever we went on walks he would point and get excited about the Snoopy flag we would see on his walks and so he has it hanging on his wall.

My son watches the Charlie Brown specials on the DVR and DVD player as often as we would let him and talks about Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the characters often- it was the first movie he saw in the movie theater.  Anyways, he loves these characters.

I found a Charlie Brown book the last time we were at the library- Peanuts- The Beagle Has Landed.  He didn't initially get excited about it, but every night for the past 5 or so nights I've been reading it to him.  It really is rather funny, even for the grown-ups.  He picks up on the lines and asks us to explain them.  His little brain is working at 40 mph.  I try not to use the word "stupid" which is used disproportionately in the book and we try to talk through what happens.

Yesterday, we were over at a family friend's house and they have a little boy, a little older than ours and he was being kind of bossy.  Let's just say he was the male version of Lucy.  My son brought his baseball mitt over to the house because he LOVES to play baseball (and is quite good at it- his teachers at daycare have commented they wouldn't be surprised to see him in the Big Leagues someday).  The boys were playing together and my son tolerated him not being able to say his name (he called him another name).  My son also tolerated several rounds of the "big boy" trying to "teach" him how to correctly throw and catch a ball (trust me, my son is better than I am).  At some point though, there was a breaking point and my son took the ball and hit him square on the forehead with it.  I was kind of shocked.  I made sure the other boy was ok and had my son apologize to him.  I also apologized to the mother and informed her what had happened.  She was not worried at all, her response, "he probably deserved it."

Later that evening, on the trip home, we discussed the situation with our son.  He had found the other little boy to be "annoying" and so that was his response.  We informed him next time to just tell the boy to stop being annoying or to tell his mommy or daddy, but not to throw a ball at a kid'
s head just because he bugs you.  That night, as I read Charlie Brown, I realized that Snoopy in one scene hits golf balls at Lucy.  Hmm.  Children are sponges...

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