Thursday, March 9, 2017

Talking to a Wall

I had a memorable interaction with someone.

Many months before, I had recommended they do something- and they didn't do it.  That's not really a shocker, happens on really a rather regular basis.  It gets to the point where some more polished, experienced clinicians, myself occasionally included, decide NOT to talk about everything we should, because talking to a wall is like talking to a wall.   

My husband doesn't always understand this, but it's really difficult to be a sane control freak in my profession.  When it comes to people, I don't even attempt it.  In this particular case,  I was happy I had written the discussion down.  The owner had said, "well you didn't give my pet that, slightly harshly as the current situation may have been prevented if my instruction had been followed.  It was somewhat gratifying to be able to point to the exchange in the record and she more humbly said, "oh, I guess I didn't do it."

I proceeded throughout that day to help the person with some difficult discussions.  From having my heart closed to the person, I opened it more and even though our exchange had started roughly, at the end of a tough day, that person was very grateful and said some wonderful words to me.  Yet another reminder that sometimes when you are talking to a wall, it's just because you aren't looking at the right spot.  There may be a door or a window if you just try hard enough.

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