Thursday, March 30, 2017

S'mores on Sunday

Last summer, when we were at our family cottage, my son fell in love with S'mores.  I had the idea (the crazy idea according to my husband) to make them at our house.  Have I mentioned we live in a townhouse with a sorry excuse for a yard?

First let me tell you something that I would give as advice to any bride to be.  Pick something out for your registry that's beautiful and your soon-to-be husband would never let you buy.  In our case, I picked out some beautiful crystal candlesticks.  We had some generous family friends who bought them for us and another generous family friend who bought us the "mega" size ones.  We try to light them at most dinners and I keep them on the table year round.  It's good to have beauty in your life around the clock, not just on special occasions.

Well, my crazy idea was to use some of the kabob sticks we have (Jamaican Jerk Chicken Kabobs is a favorite at our house) and to roast our marshmallows over the candlesticks.  We did this once in the fall, and my son and husband had fun.  My husband found the marshmallows and graham crackers fairly recently and said we needed to use them again.  During Lent, my husband and I have given up dessert, but as Sundays are "mini Easters" and a celebration of Jesus' Resurrection, we have dessert.  My husband decided he wanted to have S'mores for his first Sunday of Lent indulgence.  And so it began.  Apparently, our Lenten tradition is going to be S'mores on Sunday where we all sit around the table and slowly enjoy and indulge in the chocolate-marshmallow gooeyness and celebration of family.  I asked my husband as this tradition was developing if he still thought I was crazy.  "Crazy- yes, but kind of cool."  I guess I'll go with that.

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