Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Great Birthday!

I had one of my best birthdays today, I think.  As mentioned previously, one of my best friends was in town.  She's one of those friends who you can count on to always speak truth to you.  She and I are diametrically opposed on the political and religious spectrum (you know, those two issues that people should never talk about in polite company).  We just get along great and can still talk about those issues, still totally disagree and still totally enjoy a Margarita together.

She helped me on Saturday set up my garden, placing fencing and weed cloth.  Thankfully, she's like a foot taller than me (maybe not quite, but she is definitely 8 inches taller than me).  This is very helpful in placing fence posts and helping reach things in the kitchen.  We made lettuce wraps and Pad Thai on Saturday (two things my boys would not make for me on their own).  We had a great day yesterday hanging out at the pool and going to our favorite Mexican restaurant and today we went into the city for coffee, walking, a good lunch and, then, pedicures.  Lots of chatting, catching up, and supporting each other.  Randomly, someone was handing out chocolate chip cookies on the street, and we got to enjoy those too.  We picked up my son early from daycare and even though he had his pick of plenty of fun places to go to, he picked the park.  We ran and played and then we moved onto the fountain that he calls the "ice cream fountain."  We then met up with my husband and walked over (it was actually nice weather until the very end of the day) to our favorite taco place.  What happened as we walked over to our favorite taco place?  The man who I told you about a while back, the homeless man who is always pleasant and says "God Bless," he was back on his bench.  If you hadn't read an earlier post "Be Positive" you might not know what I'm talking about, but a couple of weeks ago we had found out he had been hit by a truck and hadn't come back to his bench.  Well, I talked with him today and he has a cast on his arm and apparently is recovering ok.  He was happy to see us, say Hi, get a few goodies, and say "God Bless" again.  I really truly did feel blessed today.  With my husband, son, good friend and all the well wishes from all of my family and friends and even people I haven't heard from in a long time, I felt very blessed.  Reminds me of the Martina McBride song, "Blessed." I have been blessed!

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