Friday, May 19, 2017

Florence Nightingale and Dogs

I don't remember where I first heard about Florence Nightingale and dogs.  The subject is a little random.

What did Florence Nightingale have to do with dogs?  Many people are aware of Florence Nightingale's role in the creation of the nursing profession, and the wonderful work she did in the Crimean War.  Do most people know that if it hadn't been for a dog she never would have embarked on this mission?

The randomness of this topic is maybe not so random.  Dogs play an ever growing role in healthcare and assistance to and compassionate care of disabled people.  While I can't remember where I heard about Florence Nightingale and her canine connection, I did enjoy reading more about it at : Psychology Today Article.  Basically it was in nursing a sweet, injured sheepdog who was an important companion to a shepherd, that she realized that she was called to help heal others.  When I was young we used to love listening to "The Rest of the Story" with Paul Harvey.  Hopefully your interest will be piqued and you will look into the rest of this story.

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