Monday, May 29, 2017

Thanks to our Veterans!

Thank you to our veterans who have fought in foreign wars and to the ones who work hard protecting our country here at home.  The Coast Guard, The Army, The Navy, The Marines and Air Force, thank you all.

Thanks also to our veteran canines and historically more than now, equines and dolphins.  Thanks to those in service to our country from the animal kingdom too.  See my previous post on service and working dogs

Thank you for protecting our country where people can say and do things I disagree with, and I can say and do things others disagree with.  Thank you for making a country safe for my son to know that when the National Anthem comes on, even if you are at home, you take your hat off your head and put your hand on your chest.

Thank you for all the sacrifices, the hard times and probably most difficult of all; dealing with many people's ingratitude.  Thank you.  Help me remember to make every day a little Memorial Day, a day of remembering all there is to be grateful for and all that was done so we can remain the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.

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