Friday, July 7, 2017

Yes, it's Friday and I didn't completely forget to post....

In between about a five hour storm last night that played out with lightening penetrating through my eyelids, an early trip to the gym with my Dad, dropping off a car for routine repairs and then taking a trip with my family to see a relative  - at his house - where I haven't been in over twenty years - it has been an engaging day.

I always find it interesting how I need a vacation from my vacation.  I'm pretty sure my son has no recollection that he has an actual bedtime.  Today he tried to convince us he needed to go back to the family cottage to take a bath because the bath tub is just not as cool as muck and a crawfish nibbling on your toes.  Though rest and relaxation rarely happen for parents of a preschooler, it's been a special week and with the toss up of what was normal activity and schedule and not, it has still been refreshing, if not relaxing.  My husband is smart in our scheduling that we have at least a day after coming back from vacation to "re-aclimate",  as if we've been in space or deep under the sea and need to prevent getting the "bends".  But vacations do help to get out of the norm for a little bit and help us remember that in the hustle and bustle of everything, family time is so precious and so important.

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