Thursday, July 27, 2017

Popsicle Days

Lately, we have been braving a lot of heat and a lot of storms down here.  I enjoy going out with my son on the back porch, and though I'm trying to stay away from sugar, I get enjoyment from my son enjoying a popsicle and then "cleaning up" the patio from the mess.  He always gets sticky hands and is hard to get him to wash his hands or get his hands wet.

That is until the other day.  My son was asking me what I was doing when I took a Kleenex to my nose and was acting uncomfortable.  I told him I had a bloody nose (probably a combination of heat and allergies).  My sweet little guy quit what he was doing, grabbed one of the dishcloths we keep at his kiddie table for emergencies and proceeded to get the cloth soaking wet.  He hasn't quite grasped the concept of wringing out the dishcloth yet, so he came walking over to me leaving puddles of water as he came.  He then instructed me to put it on my nose and lean my head back (you know, those things that I tell him when he has a nose bleed and he doesn't listen to...)

My son's gesture was very sweet and now I'm thinking his exposure to popsicles and their stickiness is helping him overcome his aversion to wet hands... or so I can hope.

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