Friday, June 26, 2015

End of June already? Jeep counting and the magic of numbers

As it's getting to be the end of June, time flies so fast!  We are about to embark on a family vacation/family reunion (I will continue blogposting, but they may be short, or perhaps very entertaining... dependent on how everything goes : )

I am finding toddlerhood more entertaining now.  My husband and I have gotten into playing a new game that our son actually initiated.  It's called Jeep counting.  I have always loved Jeep Wrangler (it's one of my dream cars) and my son now loves them to (in part due to a very entertaining book by Nancy Shaw and Margot Apple, Sheep in a Jeep).

We count Jeeps.  We (my husband and I) actually get quite competitive about it.  They have to be Jeep Wranglers.  I am actually looking forward to our 11 hour trip to see how many jeeps we can spot.  My son can pick them out almost as well as he can pick out basketball hoops...  which, in the "I never thought I would do this until I became a mother category"...  I found myself watching Thailand play Indonesia and Indonesia- Philippines basketball games because they were the easiest to find on YouTube.  I had searched and found Harlem Globetrotters video for my son, but as I watched one of the players do acrobatics on top of the hoop, thought the better of my son getting ideas from that.  He enjoys watching basketball and then practicing the moves on his own.

I have also found grocery shopping and just walking down the street to be more interesting as my son is so excited to identify numbers and point them out to me.  He identifies numbers on price tags, addresses, license plates.  The whole world is just full of entertaining numbers to him.  He got so excited at the grocery store when we were practicing identifying 4 and 5 and he found an item for $4.50.  Aah the magic of being two.

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