Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The end of summer...

I can't believe it... The end of summer is here!  This is the third summer I've had with my little guy and it always goes so fast.  The first summer we were just trying to make it through nursing and getting to know each other.  Last summer we were learning how to walk and on the cusp of a childcare change, and this summer....  let's just say there's been fireworks other than the 4th of July.

My son has a temper (not surprising, since both of his parents are also passionate people).  As fall comes, I'm going to need some new ideas for trying to distract and re-direct his temper tantrums (Going for a walk outside, blowing bubbles outside, eating meals outside and trips to the park may be more difficult when there's a couple of inches of snow on the ground.)  Of course, my son waits to the very end of summer before he will try wearing sunglasses for the first time... Hoping to get him in goggles for swimming by next summer...

As an update, the raspberry bush is getting about a pint of raspberries every day to every other day and thanks to my dog Dewey, a whole lower branch has gone to the birds and other critters as it is his favorite pee post.

There are actually two gigantic pumpkins on their way.  As my husband said, the one pumpkin obviously didn't get the memo that it's not supposed to turn orange yet.  However, its color morph does confirm that it is a pumpkin plant (as discussed in a previous post, I wasn't sure if it was a pumpkin or watermelon plant I had planted there).

School in our area is getting back into session (I forgot how much worse this fact makes traffic) and I'm actually starting to think about Halloween costumes.  My husband thinks I'm crazy for trying to come up with a dog and a toddler costume to match, but I think it's cute : )

Tomatoes are still growing and so is some kale and I just made a bunch of homemade pesto which my son refuses to try.  He will eat quinoa, but not pesto?  I think he has his tastebuds mixed up.  I don't think I'm ready for allergy season, Fall, or most of all, my son continuing to grow up.... But it's not about if we are ready or not is it?

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