Tuesday, November 17, 2015

4 easy steps toward becoming a better pet owner...

1)  Get a good veterinarian.  It always amazes me how sometimes people pick veterinarians based off of simple things.  Things like location, or they got a free coupon.  I totally understand "shopping" for a veterinarian who is reasonably priced.  I do not understand shopping for "cheapest".  Again, as has been said previously... you get what you pay for.  Finding a veterinarian who is easy to communicate with, is willing to work with you and listen to you and spend time with your pet are key.  Keep looking around if you need to.  This is a good thing to be picky with.

2) Feed a high quality food.  This doesn't mean expensive.  Sometimes, it can actually be the other way around.  I know of a particular brand of food that I really don't like that markets itself really well.  People feel like they are feeding their pet something that is high quality.  It's not.  It's just overpriced. Pet foods can be like organic all natural fries.  Just because it's organic and all natural does not = nutrition.  Please speak with your veterinarian before you believe the salesman at the pet store's recommendations.

3)  Forget the Gucci collar.  It's unbelievable to me how many people spend a lot of money on collars, accessories, etc. for their pet and then don't have any money left for preventative care or other medical care.  Your pet doesn't need a Gucci collar.  As a matter of fact, your pet may have an allergic reaction to it. (I had one patient who would have an allergic reaction to any type of collar except for one that was made of hemp.  No joke.)

4) Parenting your pet is somewhat akin to parenting a toddler.  They can "train" you just like a 2 year old can.  Try to be a loving, yet not overindulgent pet parent.

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