Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Taking a little break from blogging on this day for God, Family and Peace.

I will share with you a little Christmas "miracle" that we were able to take part in.  We are coming upon the 4th anniversary of living in this house.  When we first moved in, my husband and I did a thorough cleaning of the place and found that Santa had left a gift in the upper cabinets in the kitchen for one of the family's children.  We contacted the previous owners and found out they were just as intrigued as to what Santa had left.

Fast forward 3 3/4 years.  I'm cleaning out my closet, looking for any straggler Christmas presents (as I'm coming to the realization my son is getting way too many presents for Christmas).

My hand comes upon something on a shelf I can't see.  A small container.  I pick it up and look at it, trying to place it.  My grandma and my husband's grandma had died in the last couple of years and the jewelry kind of looked like grandma jewelry and heirloom.  I talk with my husband and mom and they confirmed they had never seen it before.  I dug for the emails of the previous owners of the house and sent them a message.  

I almost immediately received a response.  The wife had lost some of her coveted (sentimental) jewelry and had thought the movers may have taken it or it had gotten lost in the move.  They were  excited!

They came Christmas Eve to pick it up.  They were so happy we had contacted them.  I told them I was happy their email still worked.  The wife gave me a hug and explained her mother's engagement ring was in there, as well as the first jewelry her husband had given her and basically all of her jewelry of sentimental value.  She told me she had been praying every night since she lost it that it would be found.  I apologized for being short and not finding it sooner on that high shelf.  They were very grateful, and the timing of finding it at Christmas was special too.  They were so grateful they even brought us a gift of wine.  Just thought I would share that story, especially extraordinary that she had been praying for almost 4 years.

God never gives up and neither should we.  Merry Christmas.

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