Thursday, December 10, 2015

Links for Helping the Homeless and Indigent with their pets

The following are some links mentioned in my previous post:



As my husband read my previous post, he turned to me and asked, "Really?  You really have dealt with homeless people and their pets?"  He continued, "I thought you've worked in a lot of affluent areas?"  Even in the affluent areas, there are the poor.  Either the people who were middle-class and they lost a job and went into foreclosure, or the poor people that are in the area working for the rich people.  There are poor among us everywhere.

I have been touched multiple times by people stepping up to those in need.  I remember a woman in an affluent area where I worked, heard the plight of a poor person who she met in the waiting room.  The woman was going to euthanize their dog for a treatable problem and I recall the woman said she would pay up to $5,000 (or so) to help the woman and the dog.  This type of thing has happened multiple times where people have stepped up to help someone in need.  You can consider donating to an organization that helps the homeless and indigent with their pet care, or just step up when you see someone who needs help.  I'm now thinking of having extra food in my car, or even a few treats to carry around if I meet a homeless person with a pet.

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