Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

1) My husband's sense of humor.  He's always making me laugh, but during a very tiring bedtime last night (I've been having back problems due to the massive amount of snow shoveling and the two year old taking advantage of the "family bed" of attachment parenting), he made me pause.  We have trouble with brushing my son's teeth.  It's slightly easier to brush his teeth than our cat's, but not by much.

As I was asking my husband if we were going to brush his teeth (I'll admit it, it doesn't happen every night because sometimes we just don't have the fight in us), I said, "cepillo de los dientes".  This phrase means brush teeth in Spanish and was said so the two year old didn't get revved up and defeat us before we were ready for our offensive move.  My husband responded with, "Zapato de los dientes" which he does periodically to annoy me.  I said, "come on, that's not correct, I didn't say brush the shoes.  His response: "if shoes have tongues, why can't they have teeth".  Now I know where the two year old gets it from.

2) Snow.  Yes, this is a tough one to say I'm loving after we got over 3 feet of it and my back is in pain because of the shoveling (which my husband did the majority of).  The glee of my son, "shoveling", throwing snowballs and sledding more than made up for it.  Also the beauty of snow everywhere and neighbors coming together to help neighbors.  You can't beat that.

3) Cookies and hot chocolate.  There's nothing like cookies and hot chocolate to make cold weather and cabin fever much more enjoyable.  We like our Tim Horton's hot chocolate imported from Michigan.  We are almost out of stock, so maybe that mean's we won't have much more snow this year?

4) Technology.  I am so grateful that we had advanced notice of "Snowzilla" and exactly what was going on.  I feel like we were kept very up to speed on radio, TV and the internet of what was open, not open, etc.  Also, you can't beat YouTube in being able to help keep a cabin-fevered two year old in a good mood.

5)Antibiotics.  Yes, in this world where everyone (especially veterinarians) are told over and over, not to overuse or inappropriately use antibiotics, I am grateful for them.  I've had a cold that morphed into a sinus infection for the past 2 1/2 weeks.  I was tempted to pick up some antibiotics at work, but being the straight-laced follow the law individual I am, waited for the doctor's prescription.  She did not have to be convinced.  She was actually impressed by my infection and asked if I wanted to get my tonsils and adenoids out.  No, the antibiotics should be fine, I told her.  I did agree to acupuncture for my sinuses (wasn't aware of that treatment) so maybe that will be on my 5 things I'm loving this week list next week..

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