Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Instead of New Year, New You...

Instead of, "New Year, New You..." as all the magazines say, I'll go with, "New Year, new acceptance of the things I can not change and new attempts at things I can"

1) I have finally reached the point of acceptance that there are some pants and tops and dresses that are just never going to fit again.  I still have faith that I'll be able to get fit again one day, I haven't completely thrown in the towel, but pregnancy and early motherhood will change one's body in ways that probably won't change back again.  As my son almost is 3, I have come to acceptance and am cleaning out of my closet of clothes that just make me depressed.  There's nothing like starting a morning not being able to fit into a pair of pants, it just puts a stink in the beginning of the day.

2) My parents got me a Fitbit, which is rewarding to know just how much exercise I get chasing my son around and working.  Apparently, while working the other day I maintained a "fat burning" heart rate for 8 1/2 consistent hours.  It has also gotten me into a bit of friendly competition with my husband and we both have been more willing to walk a little further to try to "beat" the other.

3) I think it's going to be a New Year of parenting challenges and joys.  I love that my son came home telling his Dad he wanted "Huggies" from his mommy, and that all basketball players hug their mommies...  For a while we were able to get him to eat his dinner and do all sorts of things by telling him it's what basketball and football players do, then I think he caught on to us.

My husband was giving my son a bath last night and I heard a few exclamations.  Apparently my son had taken the water scoop and dumped it on my husband.  As I went up to relieve my husband so he could change his clothes, I told my son to say he was sorry to his Daddy and asked him why he did it.  He responded, "because he did it to me."  I told my husband he actually had halfway decent reasoning.  My husband was not amused.

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