Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Saying goodbye to the changing table.... another use..

I've been putting off cleaning out my son's old changing table.  He has a fairly small room, so the changing table has always kind of stood as a large object jutting into his room.  I have been hoping that we would be having another sibling for my son, so the changing table wouldn't be out of use for long.  Alas, my son is four and hasn't worn diapers for half a year.  We don't have a whole lot of room in our place to store things (no true basement or attic).  I somehow one day, without even planning it decided it was time to take on the project.  My husband and I had been talking about how my son didn't have a playroom, and so, our whole house was starting to become a playroom.  Especially with Legos.

I decided that once I cleaned out the changing table, it wouldn't make a bad lego station.  The top, with the railing could be where my son put his projects, the middle bin that used to hold odds and ends and wipes could hold all the random Lego's.

It was kind of sad to clean out all the items from when he was a baby.  He was amused by some of the items I found and tried to squeeze a football baby hat onto his head (this was amusing for me as his head is large for his age- I can actually wear the same hats my four year old can).  Fortunately, a neighbor of ours has a daughter who is almost in size 5 diapers, the size he used last.  I packaged up wipes, diaper cream and all the odds and ends babies use and sent them across the street.  They were grateful for the extras and I was grateful they were going to good people and wouldn't sit in my hallway for a month until I could make it to our local diaper bank.  The happiness of sharing with others was a good pancea to the bittersweet sadness of packing baby stuff away.  Hopefully, one day, there will be another baby in our house but for right now I will rejoice in hopefully not stepping on Legos at midnight.

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