Friday, July 3, 2015

Celebration of 1,000 Views

In celebration of 1,000 views (and to get some feedback).  I'd like to do a raffle... This could be fun : )

Any comments I receive during the month of July will be put into a raffle for a free prize.  Ideas for the free prize include something from my Etsy shop or a copy of All Creatures Great and Small.  Let me know what you prefer : )

This week has been a hard week to eat healthy (as we have been on vacation and traveling).  It's hard to make healthy choices on the road.  Also hard with a toddler who is addicted to carbohydrates and french fries.   We have fortunately found out that his food allergy is not as broad as what we were once told, but that is also a whole other issue to navigate.

It was also interesting when I went to board my dog overnight and was told he was due for a vaccine. As I multiple times told the technician that, "I am a veterinarian, I take care of my dog's vaccines and he is up to date," she was still trying to convince me my dog needed more vaccines.  For anyone who is interested in finding out what the standard recommendations for canine vaccines are, check out the following:

Vaccines do have regional differences (for example, in an area that doesn't have Lyme disease, Lyme vaccine would not be recommended, etc.).  However, overall as an industry, we are finding out that we do not need to vaccinate as frequently as we previously did for some vaccines, while others should get boostered more frequently.  Use the above guidelines to educate yourself and start a discussion with your veterinarian for what is best for your dog.

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