Friday, July 17, 2015

Just when things seem to calm down

It was a bittersweet moment when I realized that my son has made it to the point where he can contentedly play upstairs (we have a townhouse) in his room (with a baby gate on the door) and I can actually get things done downstairs (like preparing a meal and cleaning!) with the baby monitor still on of course.  It's nice to be able to get stuff done independently (although it's another sign of how fast he is growing up).

He did great, reading to himself and not even making a mess in his room.  Fast-forward an hour or so later and I am working on something in the kitchen (we have a fairly open floor-plan with a look-through area in the kitchen).  I looked up periodically and could see my son playing and having fun in our living room.  Then.... I heard it... the pattern of noise any mom of a toddler knows is like a siren... A mix of giggles and silence.  I couldn't see him within my sight-line.  I came into the living room and found him as proud as punch with his trampoline on top of the couch and him jumping on it.  It did not take him more than a minute to create this set up and he was proud and giddy (now he could really see the neighborhood from our window).  I had a freak-out moment and got him off as fast as I could, but a small part of me felt sad for taking away his accomplishment.  I told him, "while that was a really original idea and you must be so proud, mommy is concerned about your safety and doesn't want you to get an owie."  All he saw was his originality being crushed...  I am sure, though,
he will find other equally great and dangerous ideas in the future.  Just as you take a deep breath as a mother that your child is growing in independence and is able to do more on their own, the flip side of that coin presents itself...

Fortunately he was not hurt.  However, another hour later, he bent over next to a small end-table very quickly and slammed into it so hard that he gave himself a black eye.  I count him and myself fortunate that he didn't fall off of his trampoline escapade...

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