Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Different Ways I Try To Save Money and Create A College Savings- Part 1

1) Live within our means.  This is one that I think everyone tries to work on.  Fortunately my parents and husband's parents have been good role models, but in this culture it is always something people struggle with.  With so many "cool" things out there, it's always easy to want something bigger, better and more convenient.  Just as my toddler is often more fascinated by the "upcycled" items I give him to play with (empty spice bottles, surplus kitchen supplies).  One of his favorite items is a empty milk jug with clothes pins to put in and take out (this idea obtained off of Pinterest).  It reminds me that sometimes the simpler things are actually better than the expensive ones.

2) Cut coupons.  Both my husband and I are couponers.  In this modern day, it's more than just looking through the Sunday paper and clipping.  We use different programs such as Ibotta and Checkout 51 on our everyday items (you can save more when you buy specific items they are promoting, but sometimes by buying items you wouldn't otherwise buy, you aren't saving money).  You can also use brand websites such as Earthbound Farms, Betty Crocker and Stonyfield organics. All have websites that offer specific coupons

3) Pampers, Huggies, Kellogs Rewards websites.   My son's favorite Christmas gift was actually free.  On the Pampers reward site you can enter product codes and get "gifts" every 3 months plus with the Gifts to Grow program, a gift at the end of a year (and you can continue to do this as long as your child is in diapers).  You can also earn points for Mother's Day, your child's birthday and reading articles or posting comments.  There are lots of ways to get points and the rewards are pretty good.  My son got his Step Two Basketball Hoop and a Melissa and Doug music set.  Huggies rewards site you can earn gift cards and other great items, plus coupons off of diapers.  Kelloggs Family Rewards you can link loyalty cards to and also enter in codes to get free products and more.

4) Amazon Prime.  We love Amazon Prime.  I think this should be a must on any baby registry.  Because really, who wants to be making multiple trips to different stores when there is a new baby in the house.  I really loved how I could order diapers, wipes and bottle parts at 3 am in the morning and have them delivered within 2 days.  I also use it to order some household items.  As with everything, you have to shop around, but I found the diapers to be less expensive than Costco at times and often the toilet paper is less expensive and I get to pick exactly the brand I want.  Plus, when the 40 rolls arrive my son has had great fun building toilet paper roll towers and driving his pirate ship into it.

5) Swagbucks and other survey sites.  I do Swagbucks and generally only answer the survey question and the "No Obligation Special Offer", as I like to be careful about how much personal information I give out.  I occasionally do surveys on the site (it was fun to give a restaurant chain feedback on new meal options) and if there is an offer on something I buy anyways, I will try to do it through this website.
I've already gotten a $25 gift card for something that takes me a couple of minutes a day.

To be continued...

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