Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 things I'm loving this week

1) Fall.  I can't deny it, I will miss the sunshine, warm days and my garden.  I do like the smell of burning wood in fireplaces, beauty of falling leaves, crisp air and apple cider.  Also, I love college football season!

2) Veterinarypartner.com
Okay, so as much as I enjoy discussing with clients the diagnostics, treatment and management of chronic diseases (and after 8 years of being a vet, I have a "spiel" for most anything), it is nice to have a website that can assist.  I find now that I spend about half my time re-educating people after they got a bad tutorial with "Dr Google".  Frankly, if "Dr Google" was any good, I would be out of business.  I'm not.  Conclusion- reputable internet sites = good idea.  This includes for humans.  For my own medical needs I try to stick to cdc.gov (Centers for Disease Control) and the National Institute for Health website.  I also hit up my other friends with medical degrees ; )

3) A limited data plan on my phone.   Yes, I am listing this as a "like".  Really, it's not necessary to instantly upload pictures or instantly look things up or to basically be attached to your phone.  Having limited data and trying to make it to the end of the month is a type of "electronic" fast and is good for the spirit, albeit annoying at times, it helps me remind me about what's most important and that doesn't include my data plan or phone...

4) Slowcooker.  Between chicken parmesan and pot roast, this device was hard-working this week and produced some great hearty food.

5) Date night with hubby.  Had a great time Saturday going to see "The Martian".  It was a good movie with a great storyline and left you feeling better about mankind.  It was also nice to sit at dinner without having to coax a toddler to eat or not have tantrums.  Also nice to have adult conversation with my husband.  

Those were the five things I loved this week.  Thanks for reading!

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