Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My conscientious toddler...

I try to have at least a day (preferably a day and a half) home with my son during the week.  Last Tuesday (the day I was supposed to have a half day with him) ended up being a sort-of disaster.  Let's just say it ended up with me feeding my son pizza at a softball game past his bedtime...  My disaster/his idea of a great day.  My husband was sweet and gave me roses Friday for all that happened Tuesday...

This week, I have been working at a job that requires roughly 3 hours of travel a day.  Needless to say, my son's "hanging with mommy day" was hopefully going to be a homebound day for the two of us, except my son was INSISTENT that we go to Mass.  I mean, I wanted to go (certainly could use a little extra time with the Lord this week), but the lazy, hermit side didn't want to...  But who is going to say "no, you can't go to church," to an insistent two year old?

Before anyone canonizes him, you have to know the rest of the story...

As I go to put his nice shoes on (previously referenced last week), he shoos them away and insists on his grubby tennis shoes.  "Ok, fine, you can wear your tennis shoes", I tell him.

We arrive at church, get out and he is a man on a mission.  Those big puddles that were there last week are no longer there!  He was a bit disappointed.  I then made the connection that he had insisted on Mass and tennis shoes because he was intent on puddling ; )

"Phew," I thought to myself.  You are a normal little boy and very thoughtful with your shoe choice.  He did behave well for Mass and when we came home, he did "puddle"  a bit and then basketball, football and climbing on the playground.  We had a good and refreshing "hanging with mommy day" on all fronts.

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