Tuesday, October 6, 2015

6 things I loved this week

1) Mango llasi.  This is a wonderful beverage I got hooked on when I was in India.  It goes great with spicy food and really tempers it.  Mangoes are entering the end of their season (and the time that they are on sale).  I use 1 mango, milk (you can also substitute coconut milk or almond milk), Greek yogurt and some honey.  I'm trying to get my son to try it, but have been unsuccessful.  At least it's cute to hear a two year old say, "no Mango llasi"

2) Korean chicken and Daikon radish- never knew I would love these foods.  The Korean fried chicken was some of the best fried chicken I've ever had.  Paper light fried exterior which was also crispy with a little spice.  The Daikon radish is a little sweet and calms down the spice.  Sometime this week I will try to recreate it and hope my sweet-toothed two year old falls in love.

3) While it would be easy to make the whole week about food, I will try to focus on other favorites as well.  Catching up with an old friend.  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with people but friendships with people who have good hearts are worth it!

4) Indoor playgrounds.  With over a week's worth of rainy weather around here, the indoor playground at Chick Fil-a was a perfect reward for my son after his flu shot.

5) College football.  Both my hubby's and my teams won this weekend and my son is becoming a fan.  One of my favorite parts of Fall.

6) Puddling.  On our way to Mass Friday, my son was determined to jump in every puddle he could.  Of course,
wearing the expensive nice shoes his grandma got him.  While I tried to get him to stop so he wouldn't damage his shoes, I was happy that he was ready to share one of my most favorite activities from childhood (and even when I was in high school).  The last time I had gone "puddling" was when I was on the Cross Country team in high school.  I promised my son that after mommy worked Saturday, I would take him puddling.  I went to the local consignment shop and got him a nice pair of boots and made sure we did all the "puddling" he wanted.  We both had a great time and we both got about equally wet from all of the pouncing in the water.  It's great to see the magic in what some people find as annoyances from rainy weather.

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