Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In the busyness of it all...

What a busy Holiday weekend!  Nothing like post-hurricane (from several hundred miles away) weather for flying a kite.  The last time we were able to get this kite to fly was on the day my husband proposed to me, post Hurricane Irene in 2011.

We've been busy around here, cleaning up for summer, getting ready for Fall and Winter.  Apparently my son loves apple cider and pumpkin toasters with frosting from Trader Joes.  As I told my husband, maybe they aren't the healthiest, but he's not allergic to them and I'd like to get him acquainted with the tastes of Fall.  I'd also like to get him to eat healthier, but apparently he keeps living out every kids dream.  He's allergic to vegetables.  We aren't sure exactly how many for real, but he's definitely allergic to peas and he's allergic to beans "sometimes".  Green beans, bush beans, black beans, kidney beans.  Do you realize how many things have beans in them?  Last night he had some type of reaction to red peppers.  Dear God, I don't know what I'm going to be able to get this kid to eat (My theory about the peppers is that he's not actually allergic to it, but he made such a production over eating them, I think he had a topical reaction).  We will give it another go tonight.  (He's had red peppers numerous times in so many things that an allergy to peppers is unlikely).

It's pumpkin time and clean up the yard time and I will have to get over and clean out our garden which started marvelously and then totally fizzled because the deer figured out how to get in.  I think next year, if I bring myself to do it again, I will get an inside lot, somewhat protected by others and with much stronger fencing.  You learn from your mistakes...

My son is now getting to the age where we can do "art projects" so that is exciting too.  So much going on around here, I will try to keep everyone posted.

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