Monday, October 3, 2016

You know you are a tired mommy when....

You know you are a tired mommy when....

1) You forget you put the keys in the refrigerator when you were trying to get your son's orange juice out.

2) You dress your child in clothes for the next day the night before to try to bypass the conflict in the morning of changing out of pajamas.  Your child thinks you are a cool mommy for letting them wear pajamas and other parents don't judge you because they can't tell.

3) You accidentally text your boss, "Remember to tell the teachers not to flush the toilet because it makes a scary noise."  Yes.  This is a true story.  Fortunately boss knew the mommy was so mortified, no response was made.

4) It's hard to stay awake even when you really want to do something and your spouse questions whether you need to talk to a doctor about narcolepsy.

5) You reach Starbucks Gold Star Status over the course of a month.  It's supposed to take a lot longer to do this.

6) You are completely honest with your hairstylist that absolutely nothing that requires any work will ever happen to your hair until the next time she sees you.  Forget the movie star haircut, you're looking for the brush and air dry haircut.

7) You challenge a co-worker on Fit Bit.  She wonders, "wow, why did you get 13,000 steps today, you must be doing something awesome."  Your response- "I'm chasing a toddler- Coming to work to wrestle with large dogs and angry cats is my idea of relaxation."

8) You make a peanut butter sandwich for your son for breakfast and save the "leftovers" for his lunch.

You may be a tired mommy, but even through the sleep deprivation, you know it's all worth it.  Some day, way too soon, your child will let you sleep in late in the morning and you will miss your "tired mommy" days.

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