Friday, October 14, 2016

You know your a mom of a toddler when...

There could be lots of things parents could add to this list, but here are some of my unique experiences this week I wouldn't have appreciated without my little one.
  1. You reach into your purse for business cards and you pull out baseball cards.
  2. You're sitting on the floor holding a dog for a heartworm test at work and you realize you have a sparkly baseball sticker on your shoe.
  3. You go to an Imax movie about National Parks and instead of watching in awe at the bicycles jumping over rocks you're grateful your son didn't see it because he would try it at home.
  4. You're relieved when you talk with another mom about dropping balls and balancing things.  She said she's given up on not dropping them and just rejoices in how fast she can pick them up after they drop.
  5. You find yourself laughing at spilled milk.  My son insisted on his sippy cup from when he was a baby  He had bit some of the pieces off of the top and so it was leaky.  I told him that his decision was not a good choice.  He tried it out, got milk all over himself and said, "That WAS a bad choice."
  6. You find yourself explaining the presidential debate.  Even though my husband and I shelter him from most of the stuff going on, he overheard his Dad say, "ooh it's going to get ugly."  "What's going to get ugly Daddy?"  "Two people arguing tonight and they don't like each other and say mean things."  "oh, that is not nice, that is not nice at all!"

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