Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Acorn creativity

Sometimes it's tempting to just turn on a TV to entertain children.  Sometimes a parent has to get creative and choose the least destructive of destructive entertainment...

I found myself today with two rambunctious boys on a historic property.  How was I going to entertain them?  They didn't want to throw footballs, they basically wanted to throw rocks at anything they could.  They didn't want to run, talk or play other games, just throw rocks.  First, I transitioned them to- "if you need to throw something, throw acorns."  They struck me as somewhat less dangerous and less destructive than rock throwing-  about 30 minutes of acorn throwing (with brief periods of picking up and piling acorns) ensued.  I then started to wonder if the founding father who the property had belonged to ever sent his rambunctious grandchildren on a mission like this and perhaps that is where some of the mighty oak trees we saw got their start.  Just a thought...

And what did both boys want to thank Jesus for after a long day of adventure, visiting history and eating great food?  "Thank you Jesus, for throwing acorns" , they said simultaneously.

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