Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving (or at least appreciating) this week

It's been a rough week.  I ended the last work week with euthanizing a very young pet for a bad disease.  That was just a bad situation overall.  Then my son came down with a really nasty bug.  We have not gotten much sleep this week.  Did I tell you I gave up coffee for Lent?  Well, after only 20 minutes of sleep total last night, I figured Jesus would be cool with me having a cup of coffee in exchange for me being a functional mother, vs. the alternative.  Anyways, I will try to focus on the positive.

1) Just a spoonful of sugar...  Even though I had always thought of myself as a parent who wouldn't resort to bribery...  Generally my son takes medication pretty well.  But I know when it comes to amoxicillin, from personal experience and my own patients' experience, it's just nasty tasting stuff.  I've worked out a deal with my son where he grimaces down the antibiotic and then he may have a bit of Krispy Kreme donut.  It seems to be working well so far.  Check back with me next week, or better yet after his dentist appointment later this month.

2) Understanding coworkers and good food.  As previously stated, I'm not digging veterinary medicine right now.  It's been a rough week/month with a lot of euthanasias and multiple patients that I've been caring for for several years coming down with bad cancer.  I'm not sure if it's the Leap Year, as one of my coworkers noted, but it's been rough.  Instead of resorting to alcohol or drugs, I've been resorting to good food and laughter.  Maybe the laughter will help wear off the pounds from the good food?  I don't know, I'll worry about that later...

3) A helpful husband.  Unfortunately my son only really wants me in the middle of the night.  All the NIGHT.  But my husband is helpful where he can be.  Either getting him from his room, bringing him back from our room, or giving me a breather when I feel like I'm going mad, he's a good backup.  It was also nice this morning when he told me he had completely prepped dinner and all I had to do was toss it in the slow-cooker.  That definitely was a mood lifter to know that I didn't have to try to chop a bunch of stuff and prep with a clingy, grouchy toddler.

4) People who keep it in perspective.  I had my Dominican meeting recently and as we were all lamenting the upcoming election and general unrest, our spiritual leader priest said he gave up having angst about the election for Lent.  He said this pretty much involved not watching the news or talking with a lot of people, but he was working on just putting it in God's hands.  He helped me keep my angst in perspective.

5) Either a good immune system or at least a delayed virus..  I feel the beginnings of a respiratory bug, but I'm at least grateful I didn't have the 102 F fever and nastiness my son had at the same time.  It would have been really hard to be patient with his crankiness if I was cranky myself, so I'm grateful I dodged a bullet, or have at least delayed it..

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