Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

1) The Internet.  I work with younger people who have never known life without the Internet, or a cell phone.  I'll go ahead and date myself.  Yes, I've used pay phones plenty of times and I remember when you couldn't just use google to find an answer.  You had to go an encyclopedia, or a library, start with a card catalog and go on an expedition.  It's nice to have knowledge at your fingertips sometimes.

2) Good neighbors.  Let's just say a thoughtful neighbor did something helpful today.  To get into more specifics would expose my total absent-mindedness and this is 5 things I'm Loving This Week, not a confession.

3) My flexible schedule.  It's great to have a flexible schedule, just as I'm getting burnt out from work, I can try to get other stuff done and better yet- spend time with my son going to his favorite park.
 4) My son's comic timing.  As his father and I were in the midst of an intense discussion, my son threw his ping pong ball from the family room into the kitchen and directly into the frying pan.  My hubby and I immediately started laughing at his good aim.  As I was telling him it was a good shot, but please don't do it again, he was getting ready to lob another one.  He stopped.

5)  Spring!  There's something about hyacinths and tulips coming up that puts me in a Spring Cleaning and happy mood.  60 degrees and sunshine helps too : )

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