Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sicky sick Tuesday

We awoke yesterday to all the males in the house sick.  The dog had leftover GI upset from something the toddler gave him over the weekend.  The hubby was sick with a short something I'm not exactly sure what it is and the toddler has something nasty.

It's rather interesting how from experience with dogs and cats, I know what 102 degrees feels like.  Yesterday he stayed home with Daddy and watched a Curious George and Baseball marathon.  Today appears like it will be a narcolepsy and tantrum marathon.  The fortunate thing is there must be some maternal gene that turns on when your son is sick that it still keeps you sympathetic during irrational tantrums, kicking and screaming every hour on the hour.  The doctor says its just a virus, I hope for all our sanity it's over soon.

The above is an apology for yet another non-blog post.  I'll try to write a bonus one this week...

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