Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4 Things I'm Loving This Week

1) Our Garden.  It's so exciting to see everything growing!  Hopefully my seedlings will survive being planted, but it is definitely time to move them out of their house.  I guess in a way it's kind of like having children.  You want them to grow and thrive but you get nervous about them surviving on their own.  Fortunately I'm not quite at that point yet but I know it's coming sooner than I like.  Below is an updated garden picture.  The seedlings on left and potatoes, garlic, carrots, etc on right.

2) Friendship.  I had the opportunity to catch up with several of my friends this week and many more of my family's friends over the weekend.  It is so refreshing to catch up and share memories.

3) Good natured people on the airplane this weekend.  My son and I took a trip back to visit my family and go to my sister's wedding shower.  I wasn't exactly thrilled about flying with him without my husband.  It's a mix between a marathon and treading water.  He's fairly reasonable except for one thing.  Wearing his safety harness.  He hates his safety harness.  I once thought I would never be the type of parent who bribed their child.  I am.  When you are on an airplane, with lots of people glaring at you because your child is making their restricted space unenjoyable, you change your mind on some things.  On the flight out, I was able to successfully bribe an end to the tantrums with Hershey kisses.  The way back, he was either not hungry, or on to my methods.  I had preemptively informed the passengers that I had Hershey kisses for the toddler or for them.  They laughed.  I ended up shortening the "I don't want a belt" tantrums with reading a variety of books.  I'm pretty sure no one on that plane wanted to hear about baseball or the Bernstein Bears and the Birds and The Bees.  But you do what you got to do.  I whipped out stickers, books, potato chips, anything and everything to distract my son from his restraint device.

Just as the flight smoothed and his attitude seemed to have lost turbulence, we were reading about batting.  A rather safe subject, one would think.  Nope.  Apparently some batters use a "red donut" to bat with while practicing before a game.  This is a weighted device so that when they are playing the game, it makes their bat feel much lighter and have more energy.  My son yelled to the whole plane that he wanted a red donut.  I told him, I'm sorry, that's the one thing mommy did not pack and I wasn't going to be able to come up with it.

The flight went on with behavioral highs and lows, but I hope my fellow passengers would have at least given me an "A" for effort.

At the end of the flight, after my son tried to convince me multiple times during the flight that the seatbelt light was off when it wasn't, the light went off.  He got out of his seatbelt and was happy and looking over the seats at the fellow passengers.  I asked him to tell them he was sorry he was noisy.  He complied.  Fortunately he's really cute, so they all smiled and told him it was no problem.  The man right behind him asked him if he ever found the red donut and winked at me.

We got all of our items together and between his bag, my bag and my purse, I had to hurry him off the plane in front of me.  I encouraged him to move as fast as his little legs could go, and so did all the passengers behind him.  He looked like a champion with the whole plane urging him on.  The pilot of the plane was up front, and due to my son's small legs, was able to quickly go to the cockpit, get his baggy of pilot's wings and produce one to personally give to my son once he made it to the front of the plane.  My son was so thrilled.  I was thrilled that the people who could have been very annoyed were tolerant and maybe even a little happy to see such a happy little guy.

4) Being blessed to have two cars.  While I've sometimes thought if things got tight, my family could go down to just having one car, I'm reminded what a blessing it is to have two.  Kind of ironic that today's episode of Berenstein Bears was, "Being Thankful for Your
Blessings".  This morning we had a lot of things to get done in my household and my husband and son were on the way out.  I had errands to run, a sick cat to drop off at the vet's office, a medical appointment to get to and more.  My husband ran out to me and told me we needed to switch cars because his didn't start right.  No one in our family was thrilled and I wasn't thrilled about how my day was going to be turned upside down if it had to get towed, but fortunately it didn't and I thought to myself, "we are blessed.  This is a first-world problem.  My family has a safe roof over our heads and my husband and son can take a safe car to work.  All is well."

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