Tuesday, August 23, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

Time to get back to being grateful....

1) Gorilla Glue.  Never knew this would make my list.  So, my son had his first episode of damaging something in a temper tantrum.  He tossed a ceramic coaster that had an image of my university painted on it.  I was mad, but stayed calm in the incident (and was somewhat surprised it wasn't as strong as I thought it would be).  Instead of yelling at my son, I immediately went looking for glue and realized that all of our glue in the junk drawer had solidified.  My husband disappeared downstairs and came back with gorilla glue.  "Gorilla Glue?" I asked?  I thought I had banished the product from the house!

Ok, you might think I'm crazy for being ok with baseball bats, hockey sticks and soccer balls in my house, but banished items are grapes/raisins, lilies and gorilla glue.  Grapes/raisins and lilies were covered in the discussion Toxins.  Gorilla glue.  Ok, gorilla glue to me is more lethal than marijuana, chocolate and even grapes.  It is LETHAL and once ingested the only way it comes out is surgical.  Long ago, when I worked in emergency medicine I saw a couple of cases where dogs ate gorilla glue.  Ok, you might think it's not that bad.  It is.  What happens is it expands in the stomach and basically ruptures the stomach.  Let's just say a stomach explosion is worse than a dog eating a sock and it getting stuck.

Apparently, my husband told me, my father in law bought the gorilla glue a while back to repair something for us.  Either I told my husband to get rid of it at the time or he already knew my feelings on gorilla glue and he had stowed it away in the garage.  Well, it works and it helped teach my son when something is broken, you fix it and prevented the stone from wearing further.  A fly on the wall probably would have laughed though at how "cautious" we were with a small bottle of glue and how immediately after use my husband ran it right back out to the garage.

2) American Wife.  With the help of the library and having a little bit of downtime between things on my hands, I've been reading more.  I read American Sniper by Chris Kyle and then American Wife by Taya Kyle.  They were both good, quick reads.  It also helped me put in perspective the sacrifices and trials other people go through.  It, as well as my staycation, (see below) came at just the right time when I was becoming more cynical about rude people in this world.  As I told my husband, when I interact with military clients and their families, I thank them for their service and they are typically the most polite, appreciative people I deal with.  I am thankful for their service and grateful for the sacrifices they make.  As I was talking with a pregnant friend recently who was wondering if it is a good thing she is bringing another soul into this troubled world, I reminded her that her baby is evidence God has not given up on us yet.  Similarly, the fact that good people are still sacrificing and giving of themselves for this country makes me also hope that God has not given up on us yet.

3) Staycation.  I'm taking a little staycation right now and while going away on vacation with family over the summer is great, it's also great to be able to stay home and get stuff done and just have fun around our area with my son.  Parks, fountains, waterfalls without stress = remembering what it is to be a kid and it is good.

4) Husband who realizes clutter = stress.  My husband has figured out that clutter = stress for me.  It's an ongoing battle and we both fight it on our own battlefronts, but he has realized that sharing with me his efforts and making inroads in the fight makes me a happier person.

5) Air conditioning in the car.  While my husband and I were not able to fix the air conditioning in our car, my parents were very kind and especially my mom to drive her extra car down so we can use it for the remainder of the summer.  I can survive driving on highways in Michigan at 50 mph with the windows down, but traffic jams on the East Coast with 110 heat index, well, it's purgatory.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

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