Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How my car's AC can change the election.. Just kidding.

Both my husband and I are not enamored with any of the current presidential candidates.  I'll spare a political discussion and just say between the current political climate and the different things occurring in our world and society we are a little anxious.  We aren't typically anxious people.  We've both kind of gotten tired of watching the news as it often seems depressing or disheartening.  So we decided we wanted to do some type of fasting to ask God to turn this election (and our hearts) whatever way He wants to and to work through whoever our nation picks to keep us safe and build a better future.

We decided we would give up watching television in the evenings on the weekend.  We thought we would do this up to the election and offer it as a sacrifice, in the time-honored way of doing penitential acts as a form of prayer.

Little did we know that our car (Big Blue), not the new one, but the car we did not choose to trade in, would have a leak in the air conditioner.  A leak in such an inconvenient place that the cost of repairing the leak would be worse than the value of the car.  I have elected to drive the car most of the time, but days, such as tomorrow I will be in the car for about 4 hours, so my husband and son will take it.  (Thankfully our heat has calmed down a bit).  I have spent time in India and Arizona and Mexico.  The hottest, most uncomfortable heat has to be the Mid-Atlantic and India; it may be a toss up.  In India, you at least have delicious fresh mangoes and spicy food to help deal with it.  It may be a long August for me.  Hopefully not.  I have chosen to put my discomfort and sacrifice into God's hands.  What uncomfortable or penitential act might you do this election season?

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