Friday, August 12, 2016

"Bad parents"

The title of this post is misleading...

I found myself admitting to my son's daycare yesterday something I thought that had probably been obvious by my son's lack of sleep the night before.  I asked his teacher if my husband had told her that we had kept our son up late the night before.  She said she had no idea.  I said, "yes, we're probably bad parents, but it was fun."  I went on to tell her how after work we went out for burgers, chicken wings and shakes and then went to play putt-putt.

Unfortunately the first place we went to had closed.  My son didn't realize this, he kept saying to me "button, button" with legs and arms flailing that he wanted out of his carseat.  My husband and I look at each other and try to think of another nearby place to go.  It's near 8 pm, my son's bedtime.  I frantically search my phone and for some reason my phone's location kept getting stuck on Ohio.  No, I did not want putt putt places in Ohio.  My husband then remembered a different option.  A place that was combination driving range, putt-putt and bar.  They were open to 11pm.  We drove with a mission.  Since we both drove from work we were in two separate cars.  I didn't want to go through a yellow light, so I was a little behind my husband.  Apparently when they got to the putt putt place my son didn't want to wait for mommy and wanted to go straight to the green.

We played and had a great time and didn't get home until way later than his bedtime...  I thought this would be apparent to his teacher, but apparently he was in good spirits and did share that he played putt putt, but not that his parents kept him up on a school night.  The childcare center's director also heard this conversation.

Apparently, the next day, she asked if next time her family (including a classmate of my son's ) could join us.  Apparently keeping up a kid late on a school night doesn't make us that horrible of parents...

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