Friday, August 5, 2016

A close call...

Today I took my own kitty in to the radiologist.  I x-rayed and ultrasounded her last week and today was the trying to find out what her liver nodules are.  My husband, ever the optimist thought that her symptoms were just due to her being boarded and grumpy with us.  I'm not exactly a pessimistic person, but in my line of work a 16 1/2 year old cat with intermittent vomiting is not a good thing.  We don't know the results yet of the diagnostics today but I am hopeful that my husband is right after all.

My kitty has gotten a little extra attention lately (she got to sleep in my bed last night and a lot more treats).  Hopefully this cancer scare is just a scar
e, but it gives me even more empathy for my clients. Fortunately she's not too sick at this point, but I do see a lot of patients whose owners, in denial, wait to seek treatment.  If they wait weeks or even months with the feeling that their pet might have cancer or another disease and at that point even if it's a treatable disease it can sometimes be so late.  So if you have a sneaking suspicion you, or your pet might have something bad and you choose not to go to the doctor or the vet, think about it.   Your denial isn't really doing anything and if you go to the doctor or vet, you might be surprised to know it's something with an easy fix, or you will have the knowledge to take on whatever awaits you.

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