Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A mini-mommy vacation.

This weekend, I flew back for my sister's wedding shower (I will do a post later this week on the "theme").

Who ever thought going to the airport could be like having a mini date with my husband?  He had to drop me off around 5 in the morning and I told him to park the car and come with me to check my baggage and see me to security.  We held hands after I dropped off my bag and got to see the sun begin to rise over the city and the river.  It was special, quiet, morning time.

My husband ran through a checklist of everything I needed for the trip.  I told my husband that this time I wasn't traveling with a toddler, so everything should be a breeze, and it was.

As I got towards my gate, I went ahead and got a coffee and I savored it.  I nursed that coffee slowly and put on my headphones and actually got to watch a new show on Amazon Prime.  It was a comedy but would have been inappropriate to have on with my child (besides the fact that with my child, I'm always chasing him around anyways).  I went to the bathroom on my own and as funny as that sounds, I kind of savored it.

I missed my son, but I kind of felt a little guilty that I did kind of enjoy peace and traveling on my own.  I didn't have to worry about asking anyone about food allergies and did not have to be vigilant at all about food.  I would NEVER trade my son for anything in the whole world, but I do admit a little vacation from toddlerhood was refreshing.  I missed him, and missed hugging him.

When I called back home, I found out my husband was not having quite that relaxing a time and my son did truly miss me- "Mommy, you get on a plane and come back home right now."  That was just what I needed to hear : )